The Custard Factory

8 05 2012

To fully understand the space I am working with, I realised I needed more information about it such as where there are enterances, how high the ceiling is, and where the pillars are exactly. I just rang the Custard Factory to see if they could provide me with a ground plan or at least with a tour of the room. I was put through to the events team and I told them that I was a student at Birmingham City University and that I was doing a project where I needed the measurments of Space 2, so I asked them if they had a ground plan that could be emailed to me which they said they did not have as the ownership of that room has been passed on to a company. I asked if there was any way of viewing it and they said that ordinarily they would only take viewings if the person viewing is actually interested in hiring it out, and that even if they were aloud to let me look they can not any more anyway as they do not own it. I then asked for the number of the company the ownership has passed to, and the women said that they can not give me the number, but that the company is called Gibb Street…
I then went to look at Gibb Street and it is literally a road connected to the Custard Factory. A company called Renaissance own Gibb Street warehouse (which I discovered it the new name for Space 2).

The website does not give any information about the room so I have emailed them. I felt that this was the better approach as I can babble on the phone and they appear to be quite an established company, so I did not want to sound unproffessional. I think if I was actually going to hire out the space, I would not mind talking to them on the phone, but I often find they try to brush students away because they do not take us seriously. So now, I just need to wait and see what they say.




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